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I being a huge fan of cricket and my roomie a football freak, It was always a pain in the ass to open SonyLiv and check if the stream has started or not. Then it striked to me as Why shouldn’t I write a script which can notify me and my roomie whenever any Stream has started in SonyLiv. With that thought I started going through the Network tab in Chrome Developers Tool and I was able to capture the request through which all current live streams are ebing called.

I started my script with the request to the Url I captured from Network tab. I was able to get all the live streams running in the website in JSON form. I used pynotify to Notify me about the live streams added. After notifing, I saved all those stream data into a csv file so that no streams are repeated. I used schedule to run the function every 5 minutes to check if any new streams are added.

You can also filter the notifications with Sports Type. Just add a new line to check if contentGenre == 'Football' or whatever your required Sport is.

You can add new functions to notify anyone by calling from the extractSonyLivDataLive function.



How To Run



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Source on Github : SonyLiv Live Notifier

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Sunil Tatipelly

Sunil Tatipelly

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