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Recently while scrolling through my news feed in facebook, an aricle on Samosa App in Chai Bisket came to my notice. I have gone through the article and found the concept of their startup very interesting and opened their website to see how that actually works.

I was surprised to see their huge collection of movie dialogues, ringtones and many other.

Seeing that, I got a very bad idea of downloading all those clips to my laptop. Without any delay, I started to look at their source code and to my surprise they were using JSON requests to render those clips from the server.That made my efforts even more easier.

Then I started writing the python script to download those clips from their site. In each request, I was able to download 15 clips.

To avoid any unneccessary attention and blockage, I made the script to run every 10 seconds. I kept the script to run for 2 hours and I was able to download nearly 1500 clips from their site.


Alt Text Alt Text

Steps to avoid them:


Source on Github : Samosa Clips Auto Downloader

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Sunil Tatipelly

Sunil Tatipelly

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