Instagram Image Downloader

Instagram Image Downloader

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My friend Ravi Teja has a very bad habit of stalking people on Instagram. You can find him online all the time in Instagram. One day he came to me and asked to write code to download the images from instagram.

I have gone through the source code of instagram and seen that the images are loaded in same way in all pages. So I used BeautifulSoup (bs4) in python to extract the image url from the given post url. I have also added some functionalities like downloading images from various Urls single time, specifing download location.

Usage: [OPTION] [URL]


-u [Instagram URL] Download single photo from Instagram URL

-f [File path] Download Instagram photo(s) using file list

-h, –help Show this help message


python -u

python -f /home/username/filelist.txt


Source on Github : Instagram Image Downloader

Please comment your views/suggestions below.

Sunil Tatipelly

Sunil Tatipelly

Supposedly Engineer. Major Geek. Food Freak. Proud IITian. Quirkyalone.

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